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 I am ...

… an entrepreneur

I love to take an idea and put it to life

… a traveler

Whenever possible, I take my camera to see the wonders of the world … 24 countries and counting !

… a music enthusiast

I've played music instruments since the age of 10 and toured with a musical show playing bass for one year

… a tekky

I love innovative technologies … even better when disruptive !!

… a giver

I take great satisfaction in helping others

… respectful

I value respect above all. I respect everyone I meet and expect the same in return


Alpin ski raced for 10 years, guarded and ran the football throughout high school, raced trails on my mountain bike and still working on my short game around the green

… a social being

I need to collaborate to create, to be challenged by my peers and share the good times with my family and friends

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